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Ryazan Center of dental implantation ("RCSI" Ltd) was opened in February 2008. The priority concept of the Center is dental implantation.
"RCSI" is an official partner of Moscow Center of dental implantation (certificate of 01.12.2009). There is a cooperation agreement in the provision of dental health services between "RCSI" and "MGTSDI".."

RCSI is a CLINICAL BASE OF STATE educational institution of higher professional education "Ryazan State Medical University" of academician Pavlov.
Principles of our work: a personal touch to each patient, an integrated survey, including 3-D models of the jaws, and, if necessary, the templates of jaws, treatment planning, taking into account the patient's wishes, using world-level technologies, providing comfort during dental treatment and the absolute sterility.
The main target of our work is a complex restoration and maintaining of oral health.
In addition to dental implantation, "RCSI" offers a full range of dental treatment in the following areas: surgery, therapy, orthopaedics, orthodontia, periodontology.
"RCSI" joined together the city's leading specialists in dentistry area, who additionally passed almost a year internship in Moscow Centre of dental implantation under the supervision of its leader, a member of the Italian Academy of Dental implantation (AISI, Bologna, Italy), Laureate of the Russian Government award in the field of science and technology, Zhusev Andrei Ivanovich. 

A.I. Zhusev: "for me, this is for the first time when the specialists (surgeons, orthopaedists, surgical staff nurses and dental technicians) have been trained more than half a year monthly ... with the attendance of specialists of the Moscow Centre of dental implantation to Ryazan and the specialists from Ryazan to Moscow ...""... The Centre is made ... together with the advanced technology and equipment."
We use modern equipment and the better materials.
We provide the best physiological and aesthetical results in each experience.
We guarantee a personal touch to each patient using the personal operating room, surgical, therapeutic, orthopaedic and radiological rooms and dental laboratory.
Be Healthy and give smiles! )


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